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Programs : Budget Sheet

The following listing represents the Spring Budget Sheet for University College London.

Spring Budget Sheet for University College London
Spring Budget Sheet for University College London
Budget Item Emory student
Emory Tuition (billed through Emory OPUS system) *   $26,535.00
Billable subtotal:  $26,535.00
Non-Refundable Application Fee (to be paid directly by student)   $75.00
Non-Academic Program Costs (to be paid directly by student to host university)   $6,000.00
Airfare (to be paid directly by student)   $1,300.00
Visa (to be paid directly by student)   $0.00
Books (to be paid directly by student)   $300.00
Personal Expenses (to be paid directly by student)   $3,000.00
Local Transportation (to be paid directly by student)   $570.00
Meals (to be paid directly by student)   $1,400.00
Non-billable subtotal:  $12,645.00
Total: $39,180.00

Billable Costs

Emory Tuition: Since the students who are participating in the program will be fully enrolled at Emory and receive Emory credit, they will be charged regular Emory tuition for participation in the program. The tuition bill will come from Emory's Office of Student Financial Services during the normal billing cycle for the semester. The non-refundable $300 application deposit will be applied towards program tuition. Existing federal and Emory-based financial aid will be applied towards the program costs. Please review the Emory Credit and Cost Policy.

The "billable subtotal" above lists the charges that will appear on the Emory OPUS bill. The "non-billable subtotal" above lists the additional estimated expenses. All costs are subject to change.

Non-billable Costs: Additional Estimated Expenses

The following items are only estimates of additional expenses.  These additional expenses could vary greatly depending on the individual student's spending habits, restaurant choices, personal shopping and additional travel plans:
  • Non-Academic Program Costs (Housing): Students will receive a separate bill from UCL for housing (non-academic program costs). The amount listed above is an ESTIMATED amount, each dorm has its own set fee. A £250 housing deposit is required prior to arrival to secure your room.For more info on UCL's fees, payment schedule, payment instructions, and refund policy please refer all housing questions directly to the Accommodations Office at UCL.
  • Airfare: Estimated average cost of a round-trip ticket from Atlanta to London; students may depart from the city of their choice.
  • Visa: Students who need to apply in advance for a Short-term study visa or for a Tier 4 (General) student visa for entry are responsible for the visa application fee. For students who can enter on Short-term study visitor route at the port of entry, there is no fee. To determine what type of visa you need, please visit the UKVI website
  • Books: Estimate is for the semester.
  • Personal Expenses: Estimated Incidental or miscellaneous costs associated with daily living in the host city. Does not include personal travel. Expenses will vary by student and personal spending habits.
  • Local Transportation: Estimate is based on a Zones 1-2 weekly Oyster Travelcard.
  • Meals:  Estimate is based on the cost of meals prepared by the student in the residence facilities provided.

Students with a high level of financial need may qualify for a waiver of the $75 application fee and a deferment of the $300 deposit; students should contact their OISP advisor for details/eligibility. Students who receive the deposit deferment are held accountable to the same refund policy as those students who submit the deposit; you will be billed $300 if you withdraw from the program, in addition to any applicable withdrawal fees.

Please note: The cost of living in the U.K. is currently higher than the U.S. due to the exchange rate between the British pound and the U.S. dollar.
* Billable item