Summer Study Abroad Information for Visiting Students
For Visiting Students
General Information

Emory University has offered high-quality summer study abroad experiences around the world for over forty years. These popular programs provide opportunities for you to study aspects of another country's culture and society in disciplines spanning the social sciences, the sciences, and the humanities. In general, Emory's summer study abroad programs are planned and directed by Emory faculty, and the courses are also taught by Emory faculty. The courses are designed to take full advantage of the overseas setting in which they take place.

As a participant on one of these summer study abroad programs, you are registered at Emory for the summer. Grades and credits earned overseas are granted on the same basis as those obtained on the Emory campus; credits are awarded in semester hours. You should check with the study abroad office and/or academic advisor at your home institution to determine how the credits and grades will transfer back to your campus. At the conclusion of the program, an official Emory transcript will be sent to the address you indicate on your application form.

Please note that non-Emory students do not qualify for Emory financial aid or scholarships*. Visiting students should consult the study abroad office and financial aid office at your home institution to determine what funding options may be available to you.

*The only exception to this rule is Emory University Employee Courtesy Scholarships.  Courtesy Scholarships may be applied to the academic fee/tuition portion of the summer study abroad program's cost.