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This page is the brochure for your selected program. You can view the provided information for this program on this page and click on the available buttons for additional options.
  • Program Terms: Fall, Spring, Summer, Year
  • Restrictions: Emory applicants only
  • This program is currently not accepting applications.
Dates / Deadlines:
Dates / Deadlines:
Term Year Decision Date Start Date End Date
Fall 2018 TBA TBA
NOTE: There are multiple deadline options for Non-Emory Program Petitions. The sooner you apply, the sooner you will have a response. The deadlines for Summer 2018 petitions are: Tuesday, January 30th; Tuesday, February 27th; Tuesday, April 3rd; Tuesday, April 24th.
Summer 2018 TBA TBA
NOTE: There are multiple deadline options for Non-Emory Program Petitions. The sooner you apply, the sooner you will have a response. The deadlines for Summer 2018 petitions are: Tuesday, January 30th; Tuesday, February 27th; Tuesday, April 3rd; Tuesday, April 24th.
Year 2018-2019 TBA TBA
NOTE: There are multiple deadline options for Non-Emory Program Petitions. The sooner you apply, the sooner you will have a response. The deadlines for Summer 2018 petitions are: Tuesday, January 30th; Tuesday, February 27th; Tuesday, April 3rd; Tuesday, April 24th.

** Some programs accept students on a rolling admission basis. Students may be notified prior to this date of acceptance into the program.

Indicates that deadline has passed
Program Description:


Emory College Study Abroad


Any student who wishes to submit a Non-Emory Study Abroad Program Petition are required to meet with the designated advisor in Emory College Study Abroad (please see bottom of page).  This meeting is mandatory and needs to take place BEFORE students can begin the petition process.


Applications and Deadlines:
Non-Emory Study Abroad Program Petition submission deadlines for Summer 2018, Fall, and Academic Year 2018-2019 are by 5:00pm on the following days:

  • Tuesday, January 30th
  • Tuesday, February 27th
  • Tuesday, April 3rd
  • Tuesday, April 24th

The Education Abroad Committee (EAC) considers the petitions of students who would like to attend Non-Emory study abroad programs and receive academic credit (which will appear as transfer credit on their Emory transcript).  Non-Emory programs are an option for students who cannot find an academic match for their major on any of the Emory-approved programs. Submitted petitions must demonstrate a compelling academic reason for studying on a Non-Emory program.


All petitions are evaluated by the EAC based on the following criteria:

  • strong academic justification for choosing a non-Emory program versus an existing Emory-approved program;
  • the academic rigor and quality of the program;
  • the appropriateness of the student’s plan of study to his/her overall academic plan/major;
  • the strength of the student’s preparation at Emory;
  • the level of cultural immersion or integration in the host country and;
  • the quality of the match between the student’s goals and the opportunities that the non-Emory program offers.


Students and/or their representatives may NOT appear before the EAC in person.  Petitions must be submitted by the deadline; late petitions are NOT accepted, and retroactive transfer credit for programs not petitioned will NOT be given under any circumstances.

I. PETITION PREREQUISITES: Students must meet the specified prerequisites for the program they want to attend.  In addition, Emory College Study Abroad requires that all petitioners for Non-Emory programs:


A. have and maintain at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA;

B. be in good academic standing;

C. are enrolled full-time at Emory the semester prior to their study abroad program;

D. meet the minimum language requirement (if any) as specified in the program description;

E. have completed at least 3 semesters (48 semester hours or equivalent) of college level work (for semester) or 2 semesters of college level work (for summer).


Prerequisites Waiver: If you do not meet the above criteria, you can petition for a waiver by:


A. obtaining one letter from a faculty member supporting your request for a waiver; the letter from an Emory College Faculty Member (see below) can count as one of these letters.

B. addressing your request for a prerequisites waiver in your petition essay, and giving specific reasons that support your application to study abroad despite not meeting the specified pre-requisite, such as the GPA requirement.




A. Emory College Study Abroad Non-Emory Study Abroad Program Petition Online Application Form


1. Complete all parts of the online Questionnaires, including the Statement of Purpose Essay

2. Read and electronically sign off on all Signature Documents

3. Print out and complete all Material Submission Documents


B. Letter of Recommendation from Emory College Faculty Member: An Emory College faculty member must sponsor this petition and write a strong letter of recommendation and support to further demonstrate the academically compelling/convincing reasons as to why a non-Emory program is more suitable for the student petitioner. This letter of support should be from someone who can evaluate the student as well as the non-Emory program in question. Please arrange to pick up a hard copy of this letter in a sealed and signed envelope and submit it to OISP with the rest of your petition materials.


C. Transfer of Credit Form completed and signed by Emory College Study Abroad Departmental Faculty Study Abroad Representatives:  The Emory College Study Abroad Departmental Faculty Study Abroad Representative must complete and sign off on the Non-Emory Study Abroad Program Petition Transfer of Credit Form. This document should confirm that the non-Emory program course credit will transfer back to Emory.

A SPECIAL NOTE for Summer Applicants: Students petitioning for a program during the summer semester must choose a program with at least two required courses (minimum 6 credits). Programs that entail only one course will not be considered. 


D. Petition Deposit: A deposit is required to process your petition (payable online). The deposit will be applied to the Processing Fee if you are approved to participate on a Non-Emory program.


REFUND POLICY: The processing fee is non-refundable unless your petition is rejected or you are not accepted to your study abroad program.  For semester, the application deposit is $300 (applied towards $900 Processing Fee).  For summer, the application deposit is $200 (applied towards $350 Processing Fee).


E. Unofficial Copy of Emory University Transcript from OPUS

Please Note: Students petitioning for a program in a country or a region with a State Department Travel Advisory of level "3" ("Reconsider Travel") or higher should notify the petition advisor in the first meeting so that a security assessment can be completed. Students should be aware that security assessments can take up to one month, so a request for a security assessment should be submitted as soon as possible and preferably well in advance of the petition deadline.

II. FINANCIAL AID AND SCHOLARSHIPS: Students attending Non-Emory programs are not eligible to use Emory financial aid and grants for study abroad.  In some cases, federal and state financial aid may be applied to the study abroad program, pending approval of the Financial Aid Office.


III.  NOTIFICATION: The Education Abroad Committee will review your petition and you will receive notice of the final EAC decision within two weeks of the Committee meeting. EAC petition decisions are final, and there are no further opportunities for appealing rejected applications.




ONLINE REQUIREMENTS: You must complete the new post-acceptance requirements in your Emory College Study Abroad application online.  If you do not complete all online requirements prior to departure, you risk having your approval to earn credit from this program rescinded.  If you decide to withdraw from the program, you must submit a letter of withdrawal to Emory College Study Abroad.


PRE-DEPARTURE ORIENTATION: Semester students are REQUIRED to attend the Emory College Study Abroad orientation session for semester/year-long students. Summer students are advised to meet with an Emory College Study Abroad Advisor prior to departure. Failure to attend may result in you missing essential information. Failure to complete and return any required forms will prevent the final processing of your petition.

BILLING FOR NON-EMORY STUDY ABROAD PROGRAMS: Emory University and Emory College Study Abroad are not responsible for any aspects of non-Emory study abroad program billing/invoicing.  Students whose non-Emory program petitions are approved by the EAC are fully responsible for paying all non-Emory study abroad program provider costs, including tuition, tuition-related fees and housing (room and board) charges.  These students are responsible for working directly with the non-Emory study abroad program provider to obtain tuition and housing invoices for their respective programs.  It is up to the student to insure that these tuition and housing bills are paid directly to the non-Emory approved program provider in a timely manner. Emory financial aid and scholarships/fellowships cannot be applied towards non-Emory study abroad program costs.


TRANSFER OF CREDIT: Approval to study abroad on a Non-Emory program does not guarantee that the courses will transfer. Credit must still be evaluated according to University policies. For all courses you intend to take abroad, you must consult the appropriate department at Emory PRIOR to your study abroad period and have the approvals in writing on the Approval of Transfer Credit Form included in this petition.

If Emory College Study Abroad does not have a signed copy of your Transfer of Credit Form prior to your departure, you risk not receiving credit.


Students are allowed to transfer a maximum of 16 semester hours of credit per semester of work done on a Non-Emory study abroad program. Additionally, students should note that Emory College allows a maximum of 24 transfer credits in general (both domestic and international credit). Emory will evaluate the credit that you earn on study abroad programs in accordance with the policies that govern the transfer of credit (Emory College Bulletin):

  • Courses must be taken for a letter grade.
  • Courses must be of high quality and have a workload similar to a course at Emory.
  • Courses must be academic liberal arts courses of the kind that are offered by Emory College (i.e. NO engineering, fashion, food courses, orientation courses, etc.).
  • You cannot duplicate work already completed at Emory.
  • A grade of "C" (2.0) or higher must be earned; credit that bears a "C-" or lower will not transfer.
  • Credit transfers in hours, not in courses. Therefore, a three-unit course taken abroad will receive three units of transfer credit.
  • Internships do not receive academic credit unless you have written pre-approval from an Emory faculty member who will supervise your work and have been approved through Emory College Study Abroad for internship credit.


Emory College Study Abroad will review all transcripts and determine the amount of credit that should be applied to your degree. Emory College Study Abroad may require more detailed information about the specific courses taken and will often consult appropriate departments at Emory as well as the study abroad program to determine the appropriate transfer of credit. You should be prepared to answer questions about the courses and the work that you have done and to produce course syllabi, materials, and assignments if required.


PLEASE NOTE: Credits for Non-Emory study abroad programs will be awarded as "transfer" credit only and will appear at the top of your Emory transcript.  Grades will NOT be included in the Emory cumulative GPA. The titles from the overseas courses will appear in this section along with assigned equivalents.




COURSE LOAD: You are expected to maintain a standard full load of classes (as defined by the host institution); this will typically be equivalent to 15-16 credits at Emory for semester programs.  On summer programs, students must take a minimum of 2 courses for at least 6 credits.


PRE-REGISTRATION: You will be notified by Emory College Study Abroad regarding pre-registration details for the following semester back at Emory. You are responsible for pre-registering on OPUS while overseas.




OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT: You are responsible for requesting that an official transcript be sent from the overseas institution after your term abroad is complete. The transcript should be sent to the following address:


Study Abroad
Office of International and Summer Programs

Candler Library, Suite 200

550 Asbury Circle

Emory University

Atlanta, GA 30322


* Transcripts delivered by students will not be accepted. The transcript is only considered "official" if it comes to OISP directly from the institution abroad.


Note: If Emory College Study Abroad fails to receive an official transcript from an accredited institution of higher learning by the end of the next semester after the study abroad experience, then credits will NOT be posted to your Emory transcript.


Ebony Ellis, Study Abroad Advisor:


Please note: EAC petition decisions are final, and there are no further opportunities for appealing rejected applications. Thanks for your cooperation in advance!

This program is currently not accepting applications.