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Paris, France (Exchange Program) (Outgoing Program)
Program Terms: Fall,
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Dates / Deadlines:
Term Year App Deadline Decision Date Start Date End Date
Year 2014-2015 03/15/2014
Fall 2014 04/01/2014
08/31/2014 12/20/2014
Spring 2015 10/01/2014 ** TBA TBA


Indicates that deadline has passed
Fact Sheet:
Language Requirement:
home-stay, internship
Language of Instruction:
Program Description:

Hosted by EDUCO, University of Paris, & the Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po)

Academic Focus: The EDUCO program is Emory's preeminent full immersion semester/year study abroad program in France.  EDUCO, a consortium of Emory, Duke, Cornell, and Tulane Universities, is open to ALL majors and is designed for students studying French at the advanced level who want to increase their knowledge and proficiency in the language.  The program offers students the experience of total immersion in French life and culture in Paris and a challenging and diverse course of study.  Participants will spend the semester or year as fully matriculated students at the University of Paris or Sciences Po, selecting their courses from many fields. ALL CLASSES AT EDUCO AND THE UNIVERSITY OF PARIS ARE CONDUCTED IN FRENCH.

Sciences Po Options: The Institute D'Etudes Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po) is a world-renowned international research university focusing on the social sciences. Qualified students may apply to study at Sciences Po for the Fall or Spring semester or the academic year. This exchange program is competitive, and a limited number of places are available for Emory students each year.  Students approved to attend Sciences Po study on the all French programme or the French/English programme.  Students with one year of college-level French may be eligible for the all English programme; see the CIPA Advisor to learn more.

Visiting (non Emory) students are welcome to apply to the EDUCO program through Emory.  Due to the large volume of consortium-member applications for the Fall semester, only the Spring semester is open to visiting students.

Approximate Dates:

Fall: early September to late December (Sciences Po: late August to mid December)

Spring: early January to late June (Sciences Po: early January to late May)

Year: early September to late June (Sciences Po: starts late August)

Eligibility Requirements: Minimum 3.0* GPA; good academic standing. Higher GPA required for Sciences Po options.

For EDUCO, applicants must have taken five semesters of college-level French or the equivalent, including FREN 310; FREN 314 is highly recommended. Oxford College students applying to go abroad during their 4th semester must have completed FREN 314 or 310 at Oxford and must have permission from Academic Affairs at Oxford. Grades of B or better are required in the pre-requisite French courses.

Please note:  Students who have not taken the pre-requisite French courses but who have a strong background and good grades in intermediate French may still be able to apply - students should consult the CIPA Advisor or the French Department for further information.

* Students with below 3.0 GPA minimum may petition to apply to this program. Please meet with the CIPA Advisor for more information or view GPA Waiver Process.

Students interested in taking courses at Sciences Po must be Political Science or International Studies majors with a background and strong grades in the subject.  Students with at least one year of college-level French (or the equivalent) may be eligible for the all English programme; students who qualify for EDUCO (five semesters of college-level French or equivalent) must take either the French/English programme or the all French programme.  Preference is given to year-long applications; however, both Fall-only and Spring-only are now available.  The Sciences Po option requires an additional application which can be obtained from the CIPA Advisor to the program; Sciences Po applicants must be recommended and approved by Emory's French Department and Political Science Department.

Courses:  EDUCO students take a normal load of four courses per semester, worth a total of 16 Emory credits. Students generally choose two of their courses from those offered by EDUCO; for the other two courses, students choose from a wide variety of course offerings, including science courses, from the University of Paris system.

EDUCO usually offers 3-5 courses each semester taught by the EDUCO president and guest professors from various Parisian institutions: French grammar (students are given placement test) along with rotating offerings that have included courses in French Literature, Theater, Art History, History, Cinema, Sociology, and Politics that usually focus on France or Paris. ALL CLASSES AT EDUCO AND THE UNIVERSITY OF PARIS ARE CONDUCTED IN FRENCH.

French universities do not publish a course catalog or schedule in advance, so students will not know what is offered or be able to select their French university courses until after their arrival in France. Academic advice and support is available from EDUCO, Emory's French Department, and CIPA throughout the course of the program. For a list of blanket-approved courses for this program: CIPA Blanket Approval DatabaseCredit and Grade Translations - EDUCO



Students attending Sciences Po will take all of their courses there, including a required French grammar course. Students will earn a full semester of Emory credits, but the course load differs slightly between the all French option, the French/English option, and the all English option.  Credit and Grade Translations - EDUCO SciPo

Additional Activities and Opportunities:  Interested students may apply to do independent research for an honor's thesis (EDUCO Honors or Independent Study Abroad); if approved, this would count as one of the courses taken on the program.

Pre-health students, science majors, and students interested in pursuing scientific research can apply for the prestigious internship with the Pasteur Institute (EDUCO Pasteur Institute); if approved, this would  count as one of the courses taken on the program. 

Limited non-credit-bearing internship and volunteer opportunities are also available to qualified students.  Please contact the CIPA Advisor for additional details.

In addition to academics and at no additional cost, EDUCO organizes social events, lectures, theater excursions, cultural dining experiences, day trips around Paris, and various celebrations and activities.  Students can also write for MILLEFEUILLE, the on-line magazine for EDUCO students.

Living Arrangements:   Students have the choice of living in a French household or in an international foyer (residence hall). The program will try to satisfy the student's first choice in living arrangements, but the EDUCO resident director and housing coordinator will make the final decision. Students living in a French househould will receive 3 meals per week, and students in the foyer will receive a limited number of meal tickets for the French university cafeterias.


Costs: A full description of program costs and billing procedures is described in the budget sheets. Please click here for the budget sheet: Fall or Spring.

Financial Aid / Scholarships: Students are eligible to carry existing financial aid and scholarships on Emory-approved study abroad programs. Students on this program may also be eligible to apply for the Benjamin Gilman Scholarship. For more information, please visit Study Abroad Scholarships, Grants, Research & Service.

Orientation: Emory students are required to attend the mandatory study abroad orientations. (Visiting students will participate in an orientation via phone or Skype.) The CIPA pre-departure orientation for students studying abroad for Fall or Year will take place in early April; for Spring, in early November. There will also be a specific EDUCO orientation. Details will be emailed with acceptance letters.

Visa Information: All students will need a long-stay student visa for France. Additional documents and instructions will be provided to accepted students during the EDUCO-specific orientation.

If you are not a U.S. citizen, please also contact ISSS to make sure you have the appropriate documentation to return to Emory after the EDUCO program.

Program resources:

EDUCO Video - student perspective

EDUCO Video - Professor Elissa Marder, Emory French Department

EDUCO Handbook

Visa Information (French Consulate of Atlanta)

University of Paris 1

University of Paris 4

University of Paris 7

Sciences Po

Emory French Department

U.S. State Department - France

CDC - France

Post Graduate Opportunities in France

Faculty Contact:
Professor Catherine Dana, Emory's Department of French & Italian, EDUCO liaison,

CIPA Contact:
Kristi Hubbard, 404-727-2240,

CIPA Peer Advisors:
Fiona O'Carroll,
Zhiwei "William" Xu,