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  • Locations: Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Program Terms: Summer
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  • This program is currently not accepting applications.
Dates / Deadlines:

Please contact Emory College Study Abroad for more information.
Fact Sheet:
Program Type:
Emory approved, Emory Faculty-Led
Program Advisor:
Kate Dawson
Program Description:
To learn more and ask questions about Summer Study abroad opportunities please attend the Summer Study Abroad Fair, in Cox Hall Ballroom, on November 14, 2017, from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Please be advised that the application process for Summer 2018 will open on December 15, 2017.

Hosted by
: The Department of History and The Department of Spanish & Portuguese

Academic Focus: Portuguese language and Brazilian culture.

Eligibility Requirements: Minimum 3.0 GPA; at least one semester of Portuguese language; good academic standing; at least 18 years of age; completion of a full year of college; and currently enrolled in a college/university.

Program Dates: July 2 - July 30, 2016 (The official program dates are the arrival and departure dates for the program)

Application Deadline: Applications will be accepted starting December 15.  The application deadline is March 1.  Emory College Study Abroad encourages students to submit their applications as early as possible, as some programs reach capacity by the end of January.

Acceptance Process: This program is accepting applications on a rolling basis. Students will be notified with results two weeks after submitting their application.

Program Information: Students have the opportunity to earn 8 credits by taking one Portuguese language course (offered at three different levels) and a Brazilian culture course.

São Paulo, the largest metropolis in Latin America, is an exciting center for fine arts, theater, music and cultural life. This city is a medley of Brazilians from all the country’s 26 states and from multiple ethnic groups (Japanese, Italian, Jewish, Syrian and Lebanese, etc.) which makes for an exciting mix of traditions and fabulous food on every street. The classes will provide for immersion into Brazilian language and culture and supplemented by field trips in São Paulo.

Courses: All students take “Brazilian Cultural Imaginaries” and one Portuguese language course at the appropriate level, based on previous language experience.

Brazilian Cultural Imaginaries (4 credits) HIST 330W/PORT 330W:
Description: This course will focus on history, cultural practices, and social formations of metropolitan São Paulo, and will introduce students to key political and economic developments that have influenced contemporary society.

Beginning Portuguese for Speakers of Another Romance Language (4 credits) PORT 111:
Description: PORT 111 is an intensive course for students with little or no preparation in the language, but are Spanish speakers (or of another Romance Language). It stressed the fundamental skills of understanding, speaking, reading, and also writing. Diverse aspects of Brazilian culture will be presented.

Mapping Sao Paulo through the Arts (Intermediate Portuguese, 4 credits) PORT 211: 
Description: PORT 211 aims to further develop communication skills in Portuguese and expand knowledge of Brazilian cultural traditions. This course is designed so as to dialogically interweave the arts and language acquisition. The students will be exposed to a vast array of meaningful artistic production.

Mapping Sao Paulo through the Arts (Advanced Portuguese, 4 credits) PORT 311: 
Description: PORT 311 is designed to interweave the arts and language acquisition. The students will be exposed to a vast array of meaningful artistic production, via the literary, performing, and visual arts. Students will further their linguistic competence through extensive practice in writing and speaking.

Costs: A full description of the program costs and billing procedures is described in the budget sheets. More information: Budget Sheet.

Living Arrangements: Students stay in double or triple apartments with fully equipped kitchens and wi-fi.

Financial Aid/Scholarships: Emory undergraduate students who qualify are considered by the Office of Financial Aid for a summer aid award after registration in summer study abroad classes. The amount of the award depends on the number of credits and current financial aid package. Students currently receiving financial aid from Emory are typically eligible. Contact the Office of Financial Aid for information about specific awards. Emory Scholars are informed separately about the procedures for Scholars Summer Study Abroad awards. Emory University Employee Courtesy Scholarships may be applied to the academic fee portion of the summer study abroad program's cost. For more information, please see Summer Study Abroad Scholarships.

Application Process: This program is open to both Emory students and to visiting students from other institutions. For questions or assistance please contact Kate Dawson, Summer Study Abroad Advisor, to schedule a meeting or to inquire about the application process. Student must apply online to the program via the on-line application system. Click on the Apply Now link on this page. Emory students will need their Emory login ID and password. Visiting students from other institutions will create a username (current email address) and password through the online system.

Program resources:
Orientation: Each summer study abroad program will have a mandatory pre-departure orientation session and/or other pre-departure activities for accepted program participants. The Program Director will contact program participants with details.  Emory College Study Abroad will also offer a general pre-departure orientation in mid-April.

Summer Study Abroad Refund Policy

Summer Study Abroad Information for Visiting Students

Ana Teixeira, Program Director, Department of Spanish and Portuguese,

Jeffrey Lesser, Program Director, Department of History, 

Emory College Study Abroad, Summer Study Abroad Coordinator, Kate Dawson, 404-727-2240,

This program is currently not accepting applications.