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Programs : Budget Sheet

The following listing represents the Spring Budget Sheet for Study in Portugal Network (SiPN).

Spring Budget Sheet for Study in Portugal Network (SiPN)
Spring Budget Sheet for Study in Portugal Network (SiPN)
Budget Item Emory student
Emory Tuition (billed through Emory OPUS system) *   $26,535.00
Billable subtotal:  $26,535.00
Non-Academic Program Costs (to be paid directly by student to host university)   $3,260.00
Airfare (to be paid directly by student)   $1,500.00
Visa (to be paid directly by student)   $150.00
Books (to be paid directly by student)   $300.00
Personal Expenses (to be paid directly by student)   $2,000.00
Additional Meals (to be paid directly by student)   $500.00
Non-billable subtotal:  $7,710.00
Total: $34,245.00
Since the students who are participating in the program will be fully enrolled at Emory and receive Emory credit, they will be charged regular Emory tuition for participation in the program. The tuition bill will come from Emory's Office of Student Financial Services during the normal billing cycle for the semester. The non-refundable $300 application deposit will be applied towards tuition. Existing federal and Emory-based financial aid will be applied towards the total program costs. Please review the Emory Credit and Cost Policy.

The "billable subtotal" above lists the charges that will appear on the Emory OPUS bill. The "non-billable subtotal" above lists the additional estimated expenses. All costs are subject to change.

Emory will pay the Study in Portugal Network (SiPN) tuition directly to Study in Portugal Network (SiPN). Students will pay the non-academic program costs directly to the Study in Portugal Network (SiPN). Additional estimated costs to be paid by the student include airfare, books, personal expenses, visa fee, and additional meals. Schengen Student Visa + required FBI criminal background check (subject to change) = $150

The Study in Portugal Network (SiPN) program fee (non-academic program costs above) includes housing, a furnished room, Monthly Transport Pass for Lisbon (buses, metro, and trolleys), Travel to Visiting Family Program (volunteers only), Laundry/cooking facilities and/or allowance, Student information and service desk, Group pickup at airport on Arrival Day, Medical, accident, and travel insurance, Visa advice and assistance, Local cell phone + SIM card with free calls/texts to other SiPN participants and staff, Administration of housing and student affairs activities, 24-hour emergency contact, and SiPN Orientation Week services and tours. See Program Fees and Payment Policies link here.

Rental of Portuguese cell phone + SIM card with free SMS/calls to other SiPN participants and staff; top-up charges require €7.50/month paid by student.

*Please Note: Students who opt-out of SiPN’s housing will still be charged a portion of the Housing & Student Affairs fee of $750. This fee covers services from Student Affairs such as comprehensive medical, accident and liability insurance, airport pickup and orientation week activities, 24-hour emergency staff support, a local cell phone, the monthly transport pass and various social and cultural events, as well as support and counseling.

Students who reside far away from a Portuguese consulate/embassy must include travel costs for their in-person student visa interview.

Students with a high level of financial need may qualify for a waiver of the $75 application fee and a deferment of the $300 deposit; students should contact their OISP advisor for details/eligibility. Students who receive the deposit deferment are held accountable to the same refund policy as those students who submit the deposit; you will be billed $300 if you withdraw from the program, in addition to any applicable withdrawal fees.
* Billable item