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  • Locations: Oxford, England
  • Program Terms: Year
  • Restrictions: Emory applicants only
  • Budget Sheets: Year
  • This program is currently not accepting applications.
Dates / Deadlines:

Please contact Emory College Study Abroad for more information.
Program Description:
Hosted by:  Oxford University: Corpus Christi College

Academic Focus: Academic fields available to take at Corpus Christi vary from year to year.  The subjects available to study are typically known in January for the following year.  Subjects of study may include Biochemistry, Chemistry, Materials, Mathematics, Medicine/Physiological Science, Physics, Psychology, Classics, Economics, English, History, Politics, and Philosophy.

We do not yet know what subjects will be open for the 2020-21 academic year, but we expect it to be rather limited.  We recommend you consider either St. Peter's or St. Edmund Hall and begin an application there.  In approximately late January 2020, we will learn what subjects are open at Corpus Christi.  If have started an application for St. Peter's or St. Edmund, and your subject(s) of interest matches what is available at Corpus Christi, you will be notified and given an opportunity to make an application there.

Approximate Dates:
Early October to mid June

Eligibility Requirements:  Students must meet the regular Emory College Study Abroad eligibility requirements in addition to the following program-specific requirements:

Minimum GPA 3.6 both overall and in primary subject area (higher GPA preferred)
Academic background in primary subject of interest

Courses: Students will take several tutorials with Oxford faculty. The tutorial involves weekly meetings between a member of the faculty and one or two students to discuss/study a specific academic topic. Students are assigned readings and usually an essay each week that must be prepared for the next meeting. The workload for the tutorial is heavy by U.S. standards. Students typically take two tutorials per term for a total of six tutorials per year. An Emory student spending a year at Oxford University would normally earn a full year's worth of credit at Emory. Please consult Emory College Study Abroad and relevant departments to determine appropriate course equivalencies at Emory. To see a potential list of courses of courses at Corpus Christi, please click here.

Credit and Grade Translations - Oxford Corpus Christi

Emory College Study Abroad maintains a list of blanket approved courses. This list specifies how courses taken abroad will transfer back to Emory. PLEASE NOTE: Students may obtain additional approvals for courses that are not currently in the OISP Master Blanket Approval List.

Living Arrangements: Students at Oxford University live in the residence hall of their respective College, have meals at the College, and participate in the various extra-curricular activities organized by the College. Rooms tend to be single study bedrooms with washbasins and shared bathroom facilities. Shared dining facilities provide meals. Please find additional information about housing here.

Costs:  A full description of the program costs and bill procedures is described in the budget sheets. Please click here for Budget Sheet (Year).

Financial Aid/Scholarships: Students are eligible to carry existing financial aid and scholarships on Emory-approved study abroad programs. Students may also be eligible to apply for the Dewey-Hinton Scholarship for Oxford Programs.

Program Resources:

Oxford University Homepage

Study Methods in UK

Visa Information

Laura Ochs, Study Abroad Director:

This program is currently not accepting applications.