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  • Locations: Hong Kong, China
  • Program Terms: Fall, Spring
  • Homepage: Click to visit
  • Restrictions: Emory applicants only
  • Budget Sheets: Fall, Spring
Dates / Deadlines:
Dates / Deadlines:
Term Year App Deadline Decision Date Start Date End Date
Spring 2019 09/14/2018
01/07/2019 05/16/2019
Fall 2019 04/22/2019 ** TBA TBA

** Some programs accept students on a rolling admission basis. Students may be notified prior to this date of acceptance into the program.

Indicates that deadline has passed
Program Description:

Hosted By: Hong Kong Baptist University

Read a student article by Samantha Perpignand:

Academic Focus:
This program is open to students of all academic interests. Additionally, there are rich course options for Film Studies majors and minors, Media Studies minors, and Journalism co-majors.  NOTE: Chinese language courses cannot be taken on this program.

Approximate Date:
Fall: Late August to December
Spring: January to Mid May

Eligibility Requirements:
Minimum 3.0 GPA, good academic standing. No language prerequisite.

Program Information:                                                                                                                                    

All Majors
Located in the middle of Hong Kong, HKBU offers a unique experience to understand and explore China and its neighboring countries. Students study alongside Hong Kong natives as well as Chinese students from around the country. Courses are offered in several departments, including Biology, Economics, Education, History, Music, Sociology, Political Science and Psychology. Students can view the courses offered in English through the database here.

Film Studies
Hong Kong Baptist University’s Academy of Film provides Emory film majors and minors with a unique opportunity to study globalized media entertainment in general and Chinese cinemas and media more specifically while immersing themselves in Hong Kong life and culture. Students will choose from a wide array of courses taught in English by dedicated and accomplished faculty that fulfill elective requirements for the Film Studies major. These range from classes in Asian and European cinemas to courses in media making, with the latter taught in up-to-date studio and post-production facilities. Visits from major figures in Asian cinemas (such as John Woo and Hou Hsiao Hsien), the annual Spring Hong Kong International Film Festival, and other major programming events will enhance student experiences and learning opportunities.

The Hong Kong Baptist University School of Communication and its Journalism Program offer Emory Journalism co-majors a top-notch learning experience with a highly-regarded faculty and broadcast facilities. An abundant number of classes are taught in English, both in journalism and other disciplines, which is very attractive to Journalism co-majors seeking courses in their other area of academic focus.

The HKBU program is an opportunity to learn journalism in a city and nation – Hong Kong and China – that traditionally have approached journalism, freedom of the press, ethics and business management of the press in polar-opposite ways. Since the 1997 handover of Hong Kong from the United Kingdom to China, many barriers between Hong Kong and mainland China have lessened, with students from mainland China coming into Hong Kong, and local pressures to lessen restrictions intensified. Therefore, an Emory student would find himself/herself in the midst of a fascinating media and political environment. Students also have the opportunity to engage in unique programming, including speeches by Pulitzer Prize winners, journalists, diplomats and business people.

Emory College Study Abroad maintains a list of blanket approved courses. This list specifies how courses taken abroad will transfer back to Emory. PLEASE NOTE: Students may obtain additional approvals for courses that are not currently on this Blanket Approval List. In case you would like to seek approval from other departments, please see the Faculty Representative List. The list of course offerings for HKBU exchange students can be accessed from the website. The specific courses that are offered in a given semester are subject to change. Students can consult the current list of course offerings online in planning their course selections. Students must take primarily journalism, film, and media studies courses. Emory Students are required to take a total of 15-16 credits while studying abroad.  Therefore, if the courses are worth 3 credits, students will be required to take 5 classes.

Students can view the courses offered in English through the database here.

Students will be required to attend lectures, discussions and screenings. Different classes have different procedures for evaluating student work, including group projects, exams and papers, as indicated on the attached syllabi. Students will not participate in internships, field research, or independent study.

Credit and Grade Translation - Hong Kong Baptist University

Living Arrangements:
All exchange students are required to stay at the Student Residence Halls (SRH). Students can have the option of sharing a room with a local student, a mainland Chinese student, or an international student, of the same gender. The University does not operate any meal plans, mandatory or optional. Students have the choice of dining on- or off-campus. There are currently five dining facilities on campus, ranging from quick/simple meals to full multi-course provision of both Chinese and Western styles. Cost per meal in the student cafeteria ranges from around $2-3 USD. Students can also use a Hong Kong city debit “Octopus card” for food and transportation.

Financial Aid/Scholarships:
Students are eligible to carry existing financial aid and scholarships on Emory-approved study abroad programs. Students may also be eligible to apply for the following scholarship: Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship

Tim Edenfield, Study Abroad Advisor,
Dr. Matthew Bernstein, Emory faculty contact, Film Studies,