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  • Locations: Boston, United States
  • Program Terms: Summer
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  • This program is currently not accepting applications.
Dates / Deadlines:
Dates / Deadlines:
Term Year App Deadline Decision Date Start Date End Date
Summer 2021 03/03/2021
06/07/2021 08/06/2021
NOTE: Online course dates: May 27-July 16, 2021. For the health and well-being of our students the university's leadership decided that Summer 2021 programs will be virtual.

** Some programs accept students on a rolling admission basis. Students may be notified prior to this date of acceptance into the program.

Indicates that deadline has passed
Program Description:



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Summer 2022

We hope to return to in-person, on-site global internship placements in Summer 2022. Emory's highest priority is student health and safety. We continue to monitor the COVID situation in each location. Final decisions about whether international programs will be permitted will be made by Emory University leadership

APPLICATIONS typically open by mid-November and are due in mid-February. Website details for summer 2022 will be updated prior to the opening of applications.

INFORMATION SESSIONS begin mid-October. Questions?


In an increasingly connected world, cross-cultural awareness and understanding across borders and languages are critical skills. Global Internships are a gateway to building cross-cultural competencies.

Global Internships provide students the opportunity to explore how their liberal arts skills translate into the global workplace. Students explore various industry sectors, learn new digital and technical skills, and connect with Emory alumni mentors. In addition, city-based programming gives students a framework to contextualize the internship with knowledge and understanding of their respective global city. The program design also embeds a virtual academic space for students to interact and reflect on their internship experiences.

Program Highlights: The Emory College Summer Global Internship Program provides students with a comprehensive academic, professional and cultural experience.  Each participant will be placed in an internship that corresponds with the student's course of study, to ensure the quality and academic relevance of the placement. Students complete a virtual internship placement in a company or organization based in a global city (for 8 weeks) while enrolling in an online course (4 Emory credits) during the summer term.

The Emory College Summer Global Internship Program enables students to:
  • Develop professional fluency in new linguistic, cultural, and/or professional contexts
  • Adapt to workplace practices in a global city
  • Connect with international experts in their disciplines
  • Create a lifelong and global network of peers and mentors
  • Meet personal, academic and career goals
  • Earn Emory credit (LING 343: Intercultural Discourse for Global Internships, 4-credits)
Hosted By: Emory College Office of International and Summer Programs (OISP) and Global Career Center (GCC).




Both dynamic and historic, Boston is a world-class hub of intellectual advancement and entrepreneurship. Home to more than 30 colleges and universities, the Boston area is one of world’s great academic centers. It is also a hive of innovation and business activity in a range industry sectors, from finance and technology to healthcare and marketing. 

Look forward to exploring Boston as part of your Global Internship Program!

Your program includes a series of professional events and cultural activities designed specifically to make the most of your internship, connect with the local community, and build global employability. You will always have a front row seat with the program’s online events!

Below are examples of activities; the final calendar will be distributed in the month prior to program start.
-  Art Talks with Harvard Art Museums or the Museum of Fine Arts
-  Livestream concerts from the Beehive stage
-  Converse Conversation discussing the shoe industry in Massachusetts
-  Virtual Book Launch through MIT Press or Brookline Booksmith
-  Town Hall on Current Events via WBUR CitySpace
-  Networking with funders and founders via Startup Boston




Online Course
May 21-July 23, 2021
Internship with Organization in Boston
 June 7 - August 6, 2021
Students will participate in an orientation that includes an introduction to local culture and workplace cultural expectations.  Internships will offer around 30-35 hours per week of work. Your internship program includes a series of professional events and cultural activities designed specifically to make the most of your internship, connect with the local community and internship cohort and build global employability. Students will begin the online course in May prior to the start of the internship.  Students will complete the online course component in late July.  




  • Have a minimum 3.0 GPA (Please talk to an advisor if you wish to discuss an exception)
  • Be in good academic standing and remain in good academic standing
  • Be a rising junior or senior (have completed a minimum of 4 semesters of college-level work, which must have been completed in residence on a college and/or university campus)
  • Enroll full-time at Emory (or accredited institution for visiting students) the semester prior to the study abroad term
  • Graduating seniors may also apply if they defer graduation to Summer (August 2022)




Students will enroll in one seminar course, which will be taught online during the internship placement (4 Emory credits).  The course will facilitate student learning and self-reflection about various types of organizational contexts, structures, and cultures and about the development of practical strategies for successful internship experiences.  The course will also present a range of theories, methods, and real-world examples for examining management and organizational practice. As with other Emory online courses, students will learn from both posted materials, including multimedia lectures and readings, as well as from online, live, group discussions where students from several sites will have the opportunity to discuss and compare all stages of the internship experience.  Students will reflect upon workplace culture and situate it among other organizational cultures. Students will also complete practical exercises, writing assignments, and projects, and will be guided through all stages of the internship experience.

Internship Placement


Internship Placement

Students will be placed with companies including innovative start-ups, global organizations, multinationals, and NGOs in a variety of industry and social sectors.  Global Internships provide students with a comprehensive academic, professional and cultural experience.  Each participant will be placed in an internship that corresponds with the student's course of study, to ensure the quality and academic relevance of the placement.  The internship placements are organized through the program provider Global Career Center (GCC). Please note: Exact internship is determined through personalized placement process for each student. 


The Global Internships team works one-on-one with you to find an internship that matches your career goals, interests, and experience level. Internships in Boston are available in a variety of fields, and internship placement is guaranteed.

Examples of past internships:
  • Education NGO: conducting research related to online learning in elementary school and developing report with outcomes and recommendations
  • IT Consultancy: working with client to develop website and manage user testing, including conversion between desktop and mobile versions
  • Marketing Firm: developing and delivering all aspects of annual food innovation event that has shifted to online delivery

Opportunities can vary year-to-year due to such factors as market trends, time of year, and economic trends. Common industry sectors for internships include, but are not limited to:
  • Healthcare & Education: public health, research, EdTech, policy analysis, project management, nonprofit organizations, and more
  • Business & Marketing: financial services, consulting, brand management, public relations, auditing, social media strategy, and more
  • Arts & Culture: event management, web design, historical sites, galleries, research, communications strategy, and more
  • Entrepreneurship & Technology: EdTech, innovation hubs, start-up accelerators, UX design, VC funding, and more

Some challenging internship fields to place in Boston are:
  • Large finance or consulting firms often have strict recruiting preferences or structured internship programs with local universities already in place. Alternate opportunities include mid-sized or boutique firms. 
  • Medical and psychology placements or any field requiring handling of confidential data or information is unlikely. Alternate opportunities include research, public health or nonprofit agencies. 

Sample Boston internship placements

Cost and Funding

Cost and Funding
  • Budget Sheets: full description of the program costs and billing procedures
  • Global Internships Refund Policy
  • Financial Aid Awards: Emory undergraduates who qualify for financial aid during the regular academic year may contact the Office of Financial Aid about the amount of a summer aid award that may be possible. No additional application is necessary. The amount of the award depends on the number of credits and current financial aid package. Summer financial aid awards typically range from 35% of tuition to 80% of tuition.
  • Emory Edge Stipends: Awards range from $1,000 to $6,000 depending on financial aid status, location, and budget.
  • Emory Scholars Summer Awards: Emory Scholars are informed directly by the Scholars Program about awards for summer program.
  • Emory University Employee Courtesy Scholarships: May be applied to the academic fee portion of the summer study abroad program's cost 
  • Benjamin Gilman Scholarship: For students currently receiving a Pell Grant, may be eligible to apply for additional funding

Program Resources

Program Resources

Costs and Refund Policy Boston, United States of America: Lonely Planet Guide

Students should attend an Intern 101 Session for initial advising.  Sessions last approximately 30 min (with time for Q&A).  For upcoming Intern 101 Sessions, click here  

Students on the Atlanta campus may use the Career Center's drop in hours for resume review.  Students on the Oxford Campus are strongly encouraged to meet with Ami Hernandez in Career Services prior to applying. 

This program is currently not accepting applications.